2 Streaming Video Programs by Dr. Hang

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7 Hours Streaming Video
This a recording of a LIVE presentation by Dr. Hang

The Hang Philosophy

Dr. Hang originally registered the mark “Face Focused Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics®” because he became committed to doing orthodontics which took into account the effect of orthodontics on the face. Too often traditional orthodontics produces straight teeth but ignores or even damages the balance of the face.
He has since recognized that by respecting the profile and balance of the face, a patient’s airway is much less likely to be compromised and often can be improved.
This program describes The Hang Philosophy but does not teach specific treatment details.

Can Orthodontics Cause OSA? Cure OSA? Or Both?

Having practiced non-retractive, airway-friendly orthodontics for over 30 years, Dr. William M Hang outlines in this lecture both the reasons and the techniques for treatments which optimize facial balance and airway health in teens and adults.
6 guest speakers add expertise for the interdisciplinary approach often needed in complex cases as well as ways to let the public know about our services.
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16 Hours of Streaming Video
2 Day Teen/Adult Ortho Seminar