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A mentorship for dentists and orthodontists. Learn to prevent & reverse the consequences of mouth breathing and retractive mechanics.

A mentorship for dentists and Extraction Retraction Regret Syndrome™ (E.R.R.S.™) is a constellation of esthetic, functional, and emotional signs and symptoms associated with retractive orthodontic procedures

What we’ve learned from our patients is that pursuing the “perfect smile” isn’t a worthy goal if achieving it results in pain patterns, TMJ problems or sleep and breathing issues.
Doctor Hang has recognized and named a syndrome that describes most, if not all of the problems described above.

Member Spotlight

Kevin Adair DDS MSD

Kevin graduated from UCSF School of Dentistry in 1998 and practiced as a general dentist for nine years before realizing that orthodontics was his passion. He went back to school (University of the Pacific), earned a certificate in orthodontics and now practices in Northern California. In the short videos below, he talks about why he chose the mentorship and how it can help dentists and orthodontists who are passionate about practice growth & patient health.

Good News/Bad News

The Bad News is that E.R.R.S.™ is prevalent and largely undiagnosed. The GOOD NEWS is that E.R.R.S.™ is preventable & reversible!

A growing number of orthodontists & “ortho-dentists” are joining Dr. Hang in diagnosing this syndrome and offering treatments that patients are gladly paying for.

E.R.R.S.™ treatments can help your bottom line

We are not practice consultants and do not like to focus on the economic aspects of orthodontics. However, clear aligner marketers and increased competition continue to hurt bottom lines. E.R.R.S.™ treatment techniques are in high demand worldwide. Our experience is that these patients will travel great distances to access them and willingly pay a fee reflective of the expertise required to complete the treatment successfully. If you are an orthodontist or dentist experienced in orthodontics, adding these treatments to your practice is a triple win for you, your patient and your bottom line.

Our mission is to move “orthodontic thinking” toward prevention and reversal of E.R.R.S.™

The Goals of E.R.R.S.™ Treatments Are To:

Protect and/or improve the airway

Reduce or eliminate pain patterns

Improve esthetics

Most E.R.R.S.™ techniques (including re-opening extraction spaces) move the teeth forward in the face. Our seminars and mentorship provide in-depth information about the nature of E.R.R.S.™ and comprehensive training in prevention & reversal of E.R.R.S.™

Meet E.R.R.S.™ Patients Who Have
Been Treated By Dr. Hang

Dr. Hang offers seminars and workshops devoted to preventing, diagnosing and reversing E.R.R.S.™