Pioneering Airway Excellence: Our Shared Ambition

Dr. Bill Hang believes in proactively addressing airway health challenges and emphasizing the critical role of dental professionals in this mission. Traditional approaches often overlook the airway’s significance in overall health with interventions typically being reactive rather than preventive. Dr. Hang is pioneering a paradigm shift – focusing on forward facial growth in children, especially under age 6, and utilizing innovative, non-retractive methods for those aged 10 to 110. His commitment is not just to treat, but to prevent, educate, and inspire change.

The Global Airway Concern

Across the globe, airway problems are on the rise, affecting quality of life and overall well-being. Yet, it remains an overlooked health issue. Dentists, with their unique position in healthcare, possess the capability to identify, address, and guide patients towards optimal airway health. By recognizing symptoms early, recommending proactive interventions, and leading awareness campaigns, the dental community can be at the forefront of this critical health challenge.

The Power of Community

In a field that’s ever-evolving and where challenges abound, belonging to a like-minded community provides unparalleled support and enrichment. The OrthO2Health Community, founded by Dr. Hang, is that sanctuary. It bridges gaps in knowledge, fosters collaboration, and nurtures mentorship. With a blend of in-person meetings, expert lectures, online resources, and interactive sessions, OrthO2Health serves as a beacon for dental professionals navigating the complex waters of airway-focused practice.
Together, under Dr. Hang’s mentorship, we are not just treating individuals. We are igniting a global movement towards better airway health. Join us in making a difference.