The OrthO2Health Community

During the 80’s and 90’s Dr. Hang spent most of his non-clinical time traveling to CE courses. As he started bringing new treatments back to his office, he would often find himself feeling isolated, disconnected and without meaningful support.

That’s why he created the OrthO2Health Community.

It’s a place for members to feel a sense of belonging, find meaningful and specific clinical support support, and connect to other providers who are going through the same ups and downs as they are.

Our in-person meetings provide opportunities to connect with peers and experts, share knowledge, and learn from each other. Case discussions with Dr. Hang deepen learning.

Expert lectures provide valuable insights into the art, science, and business of running an airway-focused practice - from patient communication to attracting qualified patients and achieving team buy-in.

The OrthO2Health online resource library houses a wealth of information - all easily accessible through a dedicated social network that allows members to ask questions, review cases, access recorded meetings, and download patient handouts. The instructional video library provides step-by-step guidance on various treatment techniques, how to build and fix appliances, and diagnostic tools.

Our monthly Zoom meetings give you a chance to have your cases reviewed, participate in reviewing cases from your peers and deepening your learning in the areas of running an airway-focused practice, case presentation and acceptance, marketing, and team buy-in.

The mission of the OrthO2health community is to help you stay connected to your peers and plugged in to the best learning resources so you provide the best outcomes for your patients.

Optimizing forward facial growth to prevent airway problems in children age 10 and under with special emphasis on treating under age 6

Optimizing airway in patients ages 10 to 110 with innovative, non-retractive approaches and reversing retraction of previous treatment