Ongoing Mentorship

*Prerequisite: E.C.H.O. Fundamentals, Orthotropics® Mini-Residency graduates.

Have you been so impacted by what you’ve learned in the E.C.H.O. Mentorship thus far that you’ve jumped right into treatment plans? You’re not letting another patient go untreated! You’ve got this! Or maybe you’re the opposite? Maybe you’re a little more cautious and a little less confident about how the treatment plan evolves past the initial stages.

Here’s What’s Included:

No matter where you are on your journey, the E.C.H.O. Ongoing Mentorship will give you the support you need to succeed. It may be technical questions on a specific case. It may be about what type of treatment is appropriate, both for the patient & for you.  Bill is there to help.

May 5 & 6 2023 in Dallas, TX

E.C.H.O. Long Term Success Model

Day 1

Debbie Hang


Debbie not only ran Dr. Hang’s practice, she also designed the case presentations, took responsibility for case acceptance and pioneered treatment coordination for airway focused treatments. She will share her experience with consults, presenting cases, pricing, closing and treatment planning.

Ricki Braswell


Ricki is a strategy and leadership coach with a 20-year track record of success in helping dental teams (& “dental related teams”) manage change and work cohesively toward a common goal. She will share her experience with practice management, team building, change management and enrolling people in a purpose centered mission.

Jim Bieneman DDS


Jim is a GP practicing in Denver who transitioned his practice from family and restorative dentistry to airway focused patient care. Jim will share experience and insights about how he has accomplished his airway focused goals.

Peter Beckwith


Peter is the managing partner at Mad Rose Media. He began helping the Hangs develop their marketing message in 1996. His presentation will focus on helping you to drive qualified patients into your practice and educating them to your philosophy.

Day 2

Dr. Hang


We’ll spend an entire day reviewing cases. Please bring as many as you can to share with the group! Bill will give specific feedback and suggestions for each case and encourage the group to share thoughts and ideas about each of the cases presented.

Every 2nd Wednesday at 5:00-6:30pm PST, June 2023 – April 2024 (except Nov. 2023)
Specialty meetings TBD

As an E.C.H.O Ongoing member you are welcome to join in on the 10 Zoom sessions that I hold for the E.C.H.O. Fundamentals members. We will review cases and concepts during these meetings. We will also host 4 Zoom meetings specifically for you as an Ongoing E.C.H.O. member. These sessions will be hosted by the Guest Lecturers from the live event. Agendas will include new concepts as well as Q & A.

Think of the E.C.H.O Online support hub as a private social network designed for you and other like minded practitioners. It includes:
  • Group and individual chats
  • Case submissions
  • Empowering peer to peer learning and interaction with other members
  • Library of documents, resources and much more!
  • Video library of specific appliance adjustments, appliance construction, bracket & wire demos & tips, etc.
  • Library of recorded all in-person and virtual meetings

No matter where you are on your journey, the E.C.H.O. Ongoing Mentorship will give you 3 main pillars of support:

Personalized case by case coaching (from start to finish) with Dr. Hang.
Continued access to the ever growing E.C.H.O. peer support hub and resource library.
Expert coaching in 4 key areas of your business to help you grow your airway-centered practice.


The E.C.H.O. Ongoing Mentorship is a one year commitment which includes:

A year-long commitment.

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