of young people
have sleep problems


of children with ADHD
have mild to severe
sleeping problems


of children suffer due to
undiagnosed breathing &
sleep disorders

Bridging The Gap Between Undiagnosed Pediatric
Airway Problems & Doctors Who Can Help

Pediatric dentists, as well as general dentists and orthodontists, can help kids with airway problems. The E.C.H.O. Mentorship presents reasons to treat, detailed treatment techniques, & hands-on instruction for optimizing facial growth which may resolve and prevent airway problems in children.


Some potential pitfalls of using of using orthodontic expansion alone

Patient still snores due to VERY recessed lower face

The necessity of early treatment

How airway health is impacting young patients

Treatment began at 3 years 10 months
Upper Incisors 12 m.m. too far back in face
Facial Development & Airway Concerns


Treatment began at 4 years 10 months
Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  Failure to Thrive


How a simple, inexpensive tool can help you determine if your patient may be at risk

Choosing your role in the solutions - Questions and Answers with Dr. Hang

William M Hang DDS MSD

Dr. Hang seeks to empower Pediatric Dentists as well as General Dentists and Orthodontists who treat children. He offers them the knowledge and tools they need to identify, diagnose and treat (or refer) children ages 10 and under who have sleep and breathing issues.

Practical Mentorship Designed for Pediatric and General Dentists and Orthodontists

Dr. Hang's E.C.H.O. treatment techniques are designed to:

  • Develop the jaws forward, never backward
  • Create better, more pleasing facial balance
  • Protect and/or enhance the airway
  • Produced broad smiles that are complete to the corners of the mouth

When, Where, How & Why To Use A Simple Predictive Tool
Helps Predict Facial/Airway Growth & Development

Dr. John Mew uncovered the correlation between this measurement and facial balance.